Real Estate Marketing

For Efficient & Successful Realtors
People looking for homes want to get as much information as possible, with the least bit of hassle.

A real estate video delivers this much-needed simplicity for the buyers.
You immediately become a preferred realtor when a buyer takes a video tour on your site.
These videos do a great job of explaining to buyers why a certain property will suit them.
They also help them visualize the house, and lead them to your office.

Show your potential buyers around a listed home without personally being there.
These tours will drive up your call-backs. It’s an efficient method of real estate marketing (together with other methods like real estate brochures), freeing up your time for hot leads while the real estate video tours automatically attract new buyers. We have been producing high-quality and effective video tours for quite some time and have become exceedingly efficient at it.

HS Media is a one-stop solution for all your real estate video tours needs in Toronto.
And your needs are say. A well put-together real estate video tour can mean the difference between a deal and no deal. We produce HD quality video tours complete with music, using high-end equipment. In addition to covering the interior of a house, our real estate video tour also includes high quality video of the exterior.

Our talented videographers have produced video tours for many different types of homes. The HS Media video tour showcases the brilliance of your listed property, inside and out. After seeing a video tour it’s very hard for viewers not to call up the realtor who put up the video.

Everyone watches videos and they like to watch before they buy. Whether it’s due to the inherent entertainment value of videos or the effectiveness of video in general, a real estate video tours is a very powerful way to market your property. And it’s convenient too, for both buyers and you.

With a real estate walk video uploaded on your site, you can show a property simultaneously to multiple clients. HS Media video tours also enhance your professional image, helping you stand out from the crowd in Toronto real estate market.

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Production Add-Ons

  • Lighting & audio
  • Teleprompter services
  • On-camera talent
  • Hair / makeup artist
  • On-location green screen
  • Private video hosting
  • Acting coach

Additional Video Services

  • Professional voiceover narration
  • Script writing & consultation
  • Script translation
  • Motion graphics & animation
  • Animated logos
  • Custom DVD artwork
  • Branded DVD’s

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